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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 23, 2024 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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sure. >> case-shiller index as well. i was going to go higher but there is no way it was 25 or 29 states. neil: ongoing lower. i think it 17. i feel like most of the presidents are from virginia followed by north carolina. stuart: i'm with you, i'm going to say 17, reveal please lose the answer wouldn't you know it, 20 one. tepper, we will never hear the last of this. by the way what do you think is the state given birth to the most presidents, anyone want to guess? they can all see on the teleprompter. lauren: how many presidents were from virginia? >> i will say 8. stuart: prompters are a wonderful thing. that is it for "varney and company". coast-to-coast starts now.
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neil: thanks for propelling the nasdaq in and out of record territory. all over the map today. started higher, dropped about 10 points, about 15 but we should also point out with today's 2% run on top of the 50% run yesterday in and out of $800, the nasdaq, we are still on the same ride with a i writing the markets and any beneficiaries, the latest from kelly o'grady following this and the markets themselves. >> reporter: the markets looking to end the week on a high note. investors hoping for records from all three major indices and i want to start with the nasdaq looking for an all-time high the we haven't hit since november of 20 one, 60,202. we are above 16,000, we need fifteen. 80 gain, to break that, we are
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down a little bit but certainly a few hours things could swing. i want to look at the dow, if we could bring up the dow, is roughly, let me see it on the screen, it is up one hundred 38 points, s&p 500 also up, 9 points, any gain on either of those indices will see record closes. we also want to take a look across the week, all three are up, the nasdaq is up, the nasdaq up 1%, s&p up 1.3%, dow jones 1.1% and we can't talk about what's going on in the nasdaq without talking about nvidia. that's define the outcome of the stock, 60.4%, added $277 billion market cap in one day, that's a record and you are mentioning at the top, we are seeing this ai revolution, nvidia is at the heart of it,
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powering generative ai. 80% of the chip market, the intel. what that did for the internet. they were all over the place that you see volatility. we see some profittaking but we hit 823 at the high, past 2 trillion in market cap, lagging, microsoft and apple and of course speaking of nvidia and ai fueled rally you have to talk big tech as a whole. you are going to see across industries ai rally but look at these numbers because big tech is a key one. microsoft is down but you see meta, alphabet up basically flat right now but that's a key sector to look at. i want to touch on a couple ai chip stocks, amd is a key competitor, the only ones that can dethrone nvidia and it is down 3% but if you look at on the year it's up more than
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major indices. it's a great week. we keep an eye on whether the nasdaq it's the record close but we have nvidia fueled rally, takes bad economic data to erase these gains. neil: one uptick in interest rates and there it goes. i want to point out a lot of people still think with the run-up nvidia has gotten too rich for its own good, that depends how you define rich, the difficult way we do it is take the price of the stock, then and the earnings, the multiple was over one hundred before we got the company's earnings apps a couple days ago. because earnings were so strong, it is only now trading at 65 to 68 times earnings and future earnings where it goes down further, the market expects those earnings to improve. it's whether you look at that as something constructive or
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not. gary, is this a rich stock to you. there are a lot of variables, future revenues, go back to jeff bezos at amazon, he was building up this infrastructure so you would likely say this is ridiculous. this is a company with earnings, with a proven track record going back to 1993, different story i grant you but how do
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the recent ipo raised their numbers. there's a reason for all this. and it is logical as far as i am concerned. whether it's too far too fast i don't know. hopefully we will ride it out as far as it can go. julie: mentioned other players of the chip market and when it comes to specialized chips for which nvidia is most noted, they had an 80% share of the market, that's tough to control 80% of anything for very long, maybe with the exception of search engines but your thoughts on more entrants in this business if it is a bigger pie. they might end up getting a smaller portion of that pie but it is a rapidly expanding pie.
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>> if numbers come through from 80 to 50, it's going to be gargantuan. they are talking in the trillions and maybe they are right, maybe wrong, all i can tell you is the market believe is it, the market is believing it on a daily basis and you just run with it and i have been asked to hundred times recently about do you feel like it's 99 again, back in 99 you had companies with no sales just adding to their name and opening a website and saying look at us and stocks went crazy to the upside. you are not seeing that now. maybe we will get that going forward because you always see froth and jumping on the pile but it isn't there just yet. this stuff is in good shape and i think the word momentum in the market is speaking volumes, let's hope it continues. we love making a lot of money.
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julie: glad you pointed out the distinction between companies that were popular during the internet boom they didn't have much to show for it or much history. the case of nvidia has been around for 30 plus years. let's get the read on this from tim armstrong, you might know him as former aol ceo, great to have you. a question asked of you, the same they are asking now with nvidia. a lot of differences i grant you but do you think nvidia is the real deal, that its success in ai or chips behind ai is the real deal? >> nvidia is a great example of preparation, meeting opportunity and nvidia is one of the most unique companies and that they were in the videogame business which required them to essentially use ai to render video games to
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the toughest which are gamers and now it is migrated to everyone's business. nvidia is in best position to be the switzerland, to other platforms and you are seeing that in the stock and some of your prior guests made the point, you go back to global costs, cisco or some things that happened in the bubble, they didn't have the business models at scale supporting the level of growth but if you look at chat gpt and nvidia and other businesses, they have business models that are solid models underneath this growth and they will capture it so i am bullish on nvidia. i think they have 20 years of getting ready to send capitalizing on it. stuart: glad you mentioned the company's past in gaming. full disclosure, i'm in nvidia shareholder, did so many years
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ago, gaming at the behest of my son who was a big gamer. afraid to say still is but that's another story. i want your take on the environment here for anything related to artificial intelligence. i mentioned on the show yesterday that this nvidia report gave streak read to artificial intelligence. people looked at it as pie-in-the-sky, we don't know where the chips will fall but this is one of the premier players and artificial intelligence, given the fact that microsoft, amazon, apple, meta, they are putting a lot into this including chips to fuel this so that seems real, but what do you think? >> i will give you some stats that will put it in context. a lot of research out right now saying 70% of ceos believe ai will dramatically change their business in the next 3 to 10 years, 15% of those ceos are
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educated on a i've so the interest over education gap means there's going to be a lot of companies investing in this space. i was on yesterday with a well-known ceo from london and another ceo in our front office yesterday. both of them said ai is number one, 2, and 3 on their list stand at my company, we do off-line to online connectivity which has been growing quickly but in my business we've gone over 10% of our business driven by ai. it's growing every single week. the untold story and ari right now is it's getting cheaper, if you can our investment in ai and the functions in our company. it's down 60% in the last 6 months. so you have unbelievable wave of interest, technology growing quickly but the cost of running it is getting cheaper, i don't think that's getting covered as much and that's a powerful
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elixir for future growth. i would say 70% on the ceo front is probably going to go to 99% in the next three months and nvidia will help people focus in on that. neil: a lot of people say beware quick rises and those who dominate an industry. when it came to search engines it wasn't your fault the technology and approach changed, not saying that to dismiss you but a reminder that those who working of the hill for a while risk only being there for a while. in the context of nvidia and other magnificent seven performers whether they are getting out of their stocks. >> during the bubble i was a couple startups that were successful and went to google for 10 years and i watched aol get toppled from my seat at google and ended up taking over aol.
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i would say this which is really important, there's a platform shift even if you look at google and i'm a big google fan and we are google customers but google is a questions engine, something like chat gpt is an answers engine and the difference between that may sound small but it's really big. the larger platform companies even though they are investing in ai, there's going to be a lot of innovation coming good from the new companies and we've seen valuation of nvidia, that valuation is not just driven with the fact there's a hype cycle going on now. nvidia app deals, they are being very smart about their business model, starting to do individual deals with individual companies or individual pricings so they have 20 years of experience and i don't think this is a hype cycle valuation and nvidia is being very tactical and the
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smart about their business model. amazon and google and other platforms have to continue to innovate around ai. i think the hype is real but the private market, that will go over skis pretty quickly but in the public market they are not highly valued compared to where they were in the internet bubble so there will be more investment. stuart: it is all in what they make, the interest they generate, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me on. neil: in south carolina, not the end law or be offered nikki haley no matter what happens. she is still in this race and her donors are happy to make sure she is. they will support her no matter what happens. one of the big backers is next. ♪
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one of the biggest contests in this event in iowa, new hampshire, nevada, 50 delegates tomorrow. mark meredith has more from charleston on what is at stake. >> reporter: good afternoon. the weather is better than it was in iowa or new hampshire. like you said this weekend there will be a lot of focus on this date, democrats have voted in south carolina. tomorrow is the republicans turn. we are in the low country, they will have their say between donald trump or nikki haley. the haley campaign has been going to great lengths to insist they are looking past south carolina, they know the odds are against them in tomorrow's contest. polls show donald trump leading, haley says the sub it is important to let voters have their say. >> i will promise you this. just like i did when you elected me governor twice, if you will join with me in this
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movement, join with me in this fight, i will spend every single day proving to you that you made a good decision. >> reporter: later this afternoon donald trump will hold the get out the vote rally in rock hill and deliver remarks in colombia donate. he locked up much support from the big names in the republican party including senator tim scott. >> want low unemployment, low inflation, low crime, it's time to recognize we were better off under trump. the good news tomorrow republican primary voters will decide by a margin of over 20 points. >> senator scott sounding fairly confident, there are 50 delegates up for grabs, winner take all state, trump, 63 delegates, haley 17. in new hampshire nobody close to $1200 gets needed to get out the vote. trump has a bunch of the big
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name surrogates in town. his son is in south carolina. the governor of the stage henry mcmaster coming out in support of trump. the haley campaign realize this is going to be a tough one. they tried to lower them all we can haley campaign said today they are focusing on michigan. it's not warm weather for very long. lauren: 1 forward to tomorrow's special coverage so keep the hard work going in charleston, south carolina. is an open primary, democrats allowed to vote in this one. not many states allow that. my next guest isn't keen on that on how this could skew the vote. the gop chair, a lot of people are looking at him for something even bigger down the road but good to have you.
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this rule on the books is that democrats can vote. explain it to me? it's not quite that black-and-white. >> south carolina is we call -- we grew up under election laws that were written when democrats were the vast majority, everybody was in the same party, why register by party. we've grown up under those rules and for a number of years, we've called for voter registration. we passed a resolution in our most recent committee meeting two weeks ago and we have that question on our ballot, do you believe south carolinians art to pick a political party when they register to vote? legislature is still in session. they will send a message, would like to be able to register by party in south carolina. neil: in the meantime the polls
12:23 pm
are what the polls are, you don't have final vote until you have a final vote but even with this allowance for democrats to vote in an open primary nikki haley still trails by 30 points. i'm wondering if any of this makes a difference. >> i will go out on a limited make a prediction. i think tomorrow night when you see the networks do exit polls and they ask people self identification questions and stratify who they voted for i will go out on a limb and say you might see majority of self identified democrats do vote in this primary probably supporting donald trump. i say that looking at where the vote has been for the republican party in south carolina, rural areas with conservative democrats, conservative independents to have overtime begun to support our candidates and our party. i think you will see more of
12:24 pm
that. that began to pick up steam when donald trump first ran. i think we will see more of that tomorrow, democrats who voted two weeks ago cannot vote in this primary bylaw so those are off the table. we early vote. more people by this past tuesday than democrats had vote in their entire president will primary. they had 132,000 people turn out, versus 540,000 four years ago. we had 139,000 people early vote this past tuesday night. i'm looking for record turnout. edward: neil: the whole shebang, the whole country, not just what's going on in your state. >> i support the party and our party's nominee. when it comes to putting campaigns together confusing the rnc with a nominee or whatever makes sense for our
12:25 pm
party. neil: figures donald trump -- larra trump, some people think that's too close to the family. how do you feel about that? >> the end of the day, what's good for the party. we've put together a team to make sure we can win. that's what this is about. whether it's the political departure how we get our message out or our fund raising or finance efforts putting everybody in the best place they can be to bring their talents to make sure we win. i am all out. neil: what is to stop people from thinking she would do her father in law's bidding? might not be true but would that concern you? >> everybody in the best position they can serve but the nominee has opinions about that. it happens in every cycle, when we have a presumptive nominee,
12:26 pm
campaigns emerge. we have different strengths and weaknesses in terms of how to raise money and spend the money and where we spend money and where we put our resources. neil: it doesn't seem like the party, seems like donald trump calling the shots. that's always in the mix. rarely this early. people saying whatever donald trump wants, he's going to get. >> at the end of the day you have a nominee and the job is to go win. we bring different opinions to the table, arrived at how we can best do that and win. neil: well said. good seeing you. it is going to be a busy day. i promised we would have a big factor behind nikki haley, he supporting her even if she's blown out tomorrow, she's good for the long-haul, we shall see because it is a we can to have to supertuesday.
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cashback on everything you buy with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. >> i know this was a nailbiter but we are on the surface and we are transmitting. welcome to the moon. neil: everybody has to have the stock, the company behind it, a private company, the first to get americans back on the moon, not human beings but american craft on odysseus, the craft launched on top of the falcon 9
12:32 pm
rocket on wednesday. the company with the rocket that is doing this, intuitive machines, stock had 50% in early trading, up 23%. the first time we have returned to the moon since jean-- gene cernan left in 1972. leroy chow, former international space station commander kind enough to join us. good to have you. >> great to be with you. neil: what do you make of this and the significance of this? >> this is a huge deal, first time in 50 years the united states has put anything on the moon, the first time a commercial company, intuitive machines created their own
12:33 pm
spacecraft and landed it successfully on the moon. and they landed near the south pole, the area of interest, lots of smiles and cheers all around. neil: to what end, we were talking about getting men and women, china expects to do that a lot sooner. >> the ambition to land humans on the moon, time tables and the 2030s, if you ask me i think it is more realistic to think 3 to 5 years from now. certainly things are moving along but any spaceflight program look at the history, except for apollo which we did
12:34 pm
make the deadline and that, almost no other deadlines. neil: you are younger guy but i'm old enough to remember when apollo 17 wrapped it up. there were at the time supposed to be 20 one apollo missions, we cut it off early, a financial matter, people were losing interest. crucial to these undertakings is maintaining interest. can we? especially when it is so divided globally? >> the apollo program had everything to do with politics like everything in life, we were in what was seen as a critical race against the soviets for our very survival. that's why you saw, 5% of the us budget directed towards nasa toward that end am aware as nasa's budget these days is less than one person for several decades. it to different time, different things going on.
12:35 pm
a lot of excitement now to get humans back onto the moon but that's a fair point. after we accomplish that, will be sustained public interest? nasa has been a victim of its own success. the space shuttle program was just amazing, everyone watch to the first space shuttles fly but once it became routine the public only got interested when we had an accident, same with the international space station, it has been operating 24/7 since 2000. we had a permanent presence on board, but hardly anyone talks about the important work going on up there because we made it look routine. the moon is new, getting humans back to the moon is new again so there will be an initial surge of interest and it will be a challenge to sustain it interest like it was during the apollo program. neil: well said, thanks for your inspiring service, reaching out to see what is out there.
12:36 pm
leroy chichiao, former international space station commander. the complacency that can settle in goes into the future of interest rates. we were going to see interest rates cut really soon this year. the indications from goldman sachs, they are not going to happen for a a while, not until may at the earliest. who says even that is a given? after this. this is undeniably strong stuff that follows the trend of the good news, consumer sentiment picking up, factory activity picking up. i'm just wondering, the new worry, wall street is something to worry about, maybe this will require hikes.
12:37 pm
>> i haven't gone to that. ♪
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(marci) you wanna give me a hand? (luke) we bring you the best neighborhood info. (vo) ding dong! homes-dot-com. adam: i want to show you what the economic market is about. 30 year fixed rate mortgage under 7%. %. the federal reserve directly controls the bank lending rate that has been stuck at the 5.5% after a year and 1/2 long campaign raising rates from virtually nothing. as you can see, the fed isn't
12:42 pm
moving but market rates are, over which it has no direct control. that's the conundrum because those market rates are rising even in the face of short-term interest rates. that is double jeopardy. gerri willis is following that. >> reporter: you could say mortgage rates track the 10 year treasury yield, sisters, not twins, makes a role. homeowners more frustrated than ever as mortgage rates close on 7% this week. as you just showed, applications for mortgages plummeting, that's a big deal. mortgage rates running far higher than the 10 year treasury, the usual benchmarks,
12:43 pm
good news may be coming. that's because of an unusual set of factors that will encourage lenders to drop rates more than the federal reserve cuts. as much as twice the size of the rate cuts. here's what is going on, real mortgage rates are at all-time highs, look at this chart, you think this would make bank super happy but it means mortgage holders will refinance as soon as they can. what do banks do? they offset their risk of early repayment by raising mortgage rates. that's where we are now so when the fed presumably starts cutting rates in may, june, later it will reduce the need for the security cushion and resulting reductions, rates could be substantial. you could see a half a point drop in mortgage rates. listen. >> if the fed begins to lower
12:44 pm
rates, the risk will go down. it's possible it could be a 2-for-1 movement in mortgage rates. >> reporter: given the fed signaled rate cuts of 75 basis points, in being able to afford your dream home. greg mcbride sees mortgage rates moving ahead of what the federal reserve does, meaning mortgage rates may fall even before the fed moves. we are hearing rates could fall 6% by year end or even more. your forecast notwithstanding, seeing lots of positive sentiment in the marketplace for people who want to purchase on a friday. neil: there you go. worries and all. i want to go to gary, extreme position. what if there are no rate cuts of this year and furthermore the possibility that these strong numbers continue, might get a rate hike, what do you
12:45 pm
think? >> not an extreme position. watch the yield, if it heads toward 5 they won't cut rates. all the talk about growth and inflation we had monstrous economic growth throughout the decades and had no inflation. it comes from stupid policy by printing $9 trillion out of thin air or running $2 trillion deficits and that has to be watched closely. the big deal is if the 10 year yield stays at 4.4 or less, the fed has room to drop and then we can expect some rate cuts but for me, it has always been the 10 year yield, that's the definition on the mortgage rates and others. it is up from the lows recently but is stable over the last few years.
12:46 pm
neil: if and when the fed cuts rates, how will that react? howell markets react? people anticipate whatever they see that we don't, this is not and inflation judgment but a slow down judgment on their part, what do you think? >> whether they are printing or lowering rates, if they are lowering rates because the economy is in trouble you worry about markets because you are dealing with profits and valuations being too high but we are not there at all. at new yearly highs, rails and truckers, nothing says bad economy in the near term so so far so good and let's hope that continues because we need a strong economy. i also said jobs jobs jobs. if we keep jobs in good shape that will be great. if we start to lose jobs with
12:47 pm
consumer debt, that is where we will have trouble. neil: that could be nuts and bolts to paraphrase you. you are the best. in the meantime, big powwow with the nation's governors, 34 of them. the president on the verge of doing something republicans have been urging him to do, start writing some executive orders. after this. slipping out of balance into freefall. i'm glad i found stability amidst it all. gold. standing the test of time.
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>> reporter: i'm edward lawrence at the white house. the governors feeling the squeeze, and the putting the senate compromised package. >> compromise is part of the process. i didn't get everything i wanted to. we didn't do a number of things i think we should do. but a positive step, significant step. >> reporter: pressure is mounting on the president with
12:52 pm
things like this. some blue state governors changing their tune. listen to kathy hochul. >> reporter: new york is a kind and generous state but to think that a state like new york and house everybody because of economic circumstances, really creates a problem for us. >> he had you have to have commonsense regulations for who can come across illegally. the president is considering executive action, limiting people crossing illegally from asylum. president biden undoing all previous presidents policy that led to 7. 9 million illegal counters as well as one. 8 million got aways. listen to the frustration governors are hearing. >> taken all of our resources, taxpayers money, to do what? to do what? it's not helping the economy, not making the city better, we
12:53 pm
have people here willing to work, that are willing to do, to bring people in you don't know who these people are, no way to trace them, no way this can be a good thing. >> on a side note i did see california governor gavin newsom's wife and kids at the white house giving a tour yesterday checking out the scene. back to you. neil: very interesting, thank you, edward lawrence at the white house, nikki haley wants to go to that fine building but she's having the devil of a time getting people to think she has a chance in south carolina. major donor eric levine, plan to be with her as she gets knocked out tomorrow in her home state.
12:54 pm
>> i don't think she will be knocked out, will she win? neil: you are finished down 30 points. >> she may or may not but also stated clearly she's going to be in the race on sunday and will be in the race through supertuesday and will continue. what you are seeing is people like me are supporting her for two reasons because of who she is, she would be a great president but also because who she is, represents the regular arm of a party. we heard for quite some time from republican leadership we can't win without the trump voters, can't say mean things about donald trump. there are other things. part of what you are seeing is the reagan wing of the party saying stop taking as for granted. we are an important wing of the party and want to be heard and not going anywhere.
12:55 pm
you may succeed in helping get yourself the trump voter you're putting yourself at risk when trump says stupid things like if you support nikki haley you are barred for life from maga world. the country is roughly 1/3 democratic, third republican at 1/3 independent so if you keep, if you appease donald trump and do everything to appease his voters when you get to a general election donald trump will undoubtedly get 90, 95% or more of the republican vote but that is it. what do you do about the one third of the country that are independents and democrats? nikki haley if she were to be the nominee, maybe she will not get 95% of republican vote but get 80% of republican vote. neil: chance to get the nomination first, if she doesn't, which we had more
12:56 pm
time, would you support her as a no labels candidate, would you support her in that? i know you won't support trump no matter what. >> if he gets somebody like michelle obama, if they push out biden, that could push me to support donald trump but i don't see that happening. if she were to run as a third-party i don't want to deal in hypotheticals, but let's see what happens if she were to but i would like to make one point. say donald trump narrowed, very quick, narrowed his vice presidential picks down, it includes tulsi gabbard. in 2016 chelsea gabbard was chairman of the dnc, she left that so she could help bernie sanders get elected. i would like to know what wing of the republican party is interested in having a bernie sanders democrat as their vice presidential candidate?
12:57 pm
all that tells me is donald trump says if you tell me you love me, no matter who you are, you too could be vice president. stuart: julie: we will watch it closely. more after this. moving forward with node-positive breast cancer is overwhelming. but i never just found my way; i made it. and did all i could to prevent recurrence. verzenio reduces the risk of recurrence of hr-positive, her2-negative, node-positive, early breast cancer with a high chance of returning as determined by your doctor when added to hormone therapy. diarrhea is common, may be severe, or cause dehydration or infection. at the first sign, call your doctor, start an anti-diarrheal , and drink fluids. before taking verzenio, tell your doctor about any fever, chills, or other signs of infection. verzenio may cause low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infection that can lead to death. life-threatening lung inflammation can occur.
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